Delicatessen from Hamburg

Our fine food products are available directly from us in the Restaurant VLET in der Speicherstadt, in the VLET an der Alster, or at the VLET School of Cookery. Alternatively, you can e-mail your order to: info@vlet.de. Please don’t forget to put your address in the e-mail!

When it comes to preparing our fine food products, just as with the preparation of gourmet dishes for the restaurant, we are committed to working closely with long-term partners from the region. We source all our ingredients exclusively from selected farms to ensure the high quality of the products, and refrain from the use of artificial flavour enhancers and preservatives. The naturalness and absolute freshness of the VLET fine food range are thus guaranteed to give you a unique taste experience.

Einzelstück Sekt Pinot Blanc Brut

The Pinot Blanc Sekt Brut sparkling wine from the “VLET Einzelstück” series has a flamboyantly fruity, harmonious character. Its gentle aromas of pear, walnut, apple and mango make it the perfect wine to accompany a special moment. Pale yellow, its aroma a potpourri of exotic fruits, and a subtle acidity in the finish - this is how this Pinot Blanc presents itself.

Einzelstück Weissburgunder/Pinot Blanc

The VLET Einzelstück Weissburgunder/Pinot Blanc, which we have put together in collaboration with the Dr. Wehrheim vineyard, exhibits distinct aromas of yellow pear and yellow apple. A delicate smoky note complements its fruity bouquet. The wine’s flavour is harmonious, with a winning, balanced acidity and a lingering finish. Excellent with fish dishes in a tangy sauce, with starters such as poultry or fish terrines, or simply on its own.

Einzelstück Spätburgunder/Pinot Noir

In collaboration with vintner Gunter Künstler from the Rheingau region, we have selected three barrique barrels for our “VLET Einzelstück” Pinot Noir. The convincing quality of this powerful Cuvée is testament to its origins on the best Pinot Noir slopes around Hochheim. The slopes of the Reichestal valley consist of limestone rocks and calcareous clay soils that are ideal for Pinot varieties. The vintage year 2013 offered conditions allowing the grapes to remain healthy until fully ripened. This ruby red, dry Pinot Noir is highly convincing with its elegance typical of the grape variety.

2014 Grauburgunder/Pinot Gris, VLET edition

The VLET Pinot Gris is a youthful and uncomplicated wine. Lightly herbal, citrusy notes give it a tantalising nose, whilst it appears wonderfully fresh to the palate with a pleasant, delicate tang. A full-bodied wine with a playful, zippy character. This sophisticated Pinot Gris was created in cooperation with vintner Matthias Gaul from the Pfalz region. Holder of three Gault Millau “grapes”, this family-run vineyard is one of the best wineries in the Pfalz region. The wine is the perfect accompaniment for fresh spring and summer salads, asparagus or sophisticated fish dishes.

2012 Cuvée Rot red wine, VLET edition

A well-balanced Cuvée made up of the three grape varieties Merlot, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier. This indulgent trio gives the wine its delicate body and intense fruity aromas reminiscent of red and black berries. A wonderful all-rounder to suit all sorts of different events and menus. A great choice to warm you up as the temperatures outside get cooler, but also enjoyable chilled in summer. The grapes grown by the Matthias Gaul family business grow around the vine-growing village of Asselheim in the sunny north of the “German wine route” area.

Einzelstück Portos fortified wine

This sumptuous fortified wine from the Schloss Proschwitz castle vineyard has matured in barrique barrels for five years. The “Portos” was produced according to traditional port wine production methods, and will captivate you with its aromas of fruits preserved in rum, dried plums, fruits of the forest, black pepper and chocolate; its backbone is a blend of Pinot Noir Précoce (Frühburgunder) and Dornfelder.

Apple Brandy

The noble apple brandy “Finkenwerder Herbstprinz” is produced using the finest organic fruit. The Finkenwerder Herbstprinz apple variety used for the brandy really is grown in the Finkenwerder district of Hamburg - so the brandy really is typical of northern Germany! With its sheltered position, Finkenwerder has a special micro climate that is almost a fortnight ahead of the surrounding fruit-growing area, giving the late-ripening apple that grows here an extra dose of its tangy to sweet and sour flavour. Once they have been stored long enough, the apples are processed to make a very special apple spirit. To produce just one litre of apple brandy, it takes around nine kilos of apples!
The bottle is shipped in a wooden box.

Rock salt with coarsely ground green pepper

This natural, coarse rock salt from southern Germany was deposited more than 200 million years ago when the primordial oceans dried up. Today the deposits lie protected from environmental influences at 400 to 750 metres below ground. It has an intensive, well-balanced taste. A pinch of green pepper gives the salt that little extra kick of spiciness.

Tellicherry pepper with pink pepper berries

The ultimate pepper delight: Tellicherry pepper grows on the Indian Malabar coast and is harvested only when it has reached maximum ripeness. This gives this premium black pepper its particularly intensive and fruity aroma. Pink pepper berries offer a playful, sweet touch that complements the pepper’s spiciness with a slightly resinous aroma reminiscent of juniper berries. Grind it coarsely or finely to taste and enjoy!


Tahitian vanilla sugar

Our Tahitian vanilla sugar is made using particularly aromatic and traditionally processed sugar from Mauritius, mixed with the natural Tahitian vanilla that gives it its unique aroma.


Milk chocolate with sea salt by Schokovida

Risk of addiction! The delicate fusion and the touch of the sea salt makes a special culinary experience. Taste the taste of the North.

Edelbitterschokolade mit gerösteten Kakaobohnensplittern von Schokovida

Lassen Sie sich den intensiven Schokoladengeschmack auf der Zunge zergehen. Die gerösteten Kakaobohnensplitter sorgen für ein köstliches Knuspererlebnis.

Pear mustard

Our pear mustard is the perfect companion for soft and blue cheese. Our chef de cuisine recommends the “DannAmour” soft cheese from the Hof Dannwisch farm near Elmshorn.

Apple mustard

Serve our apple mustard with exquisite soft and blue cheeses, such as the soft cow’s milk cheese “Münster Schabzigerkleesaat” from the Hof Grummersort farm in Oldenburg.

Raspberry and fig mustard

VLET recommends aromatic sliced and hard cheeses to be served with this raspberry and fig mustard - the “Rosmarie” hard goat’s cheese made by Ute Rohrbeck from Rögnitz, for example.

Beetroot seasoning

Our beetroot seasoning will complement dishes containing red, yellow, white and candy-striped (chioggia) beetroot.

Cabbage seasoning

Our seasoning mixture for cabbage is an excellent choice for use with pointed cabbage, savoy cabbage and white cabbage.

Turnip seasoning

Our turnip seasoning is the ideal seasoning mixture for carrots, turnips and swedes.